Agario Private Server

Ogario.Space - Agario Private Server ! The game itself may look like an easy to play game. Indeed it is very easy to start playing the agario game. However it may not be that easy to prevail against other players, especially when they act as a team. When you play the game single by yourself, you almost have no chance for surviving for long times as other gangs or teams are in a way more advantagous position.

How to play agario ? Game controls and tips

You control your cell by moving your mouse across the game arena. In order to split, you have to press the space key while the W key enables you to eject cells to feed your allies.

If you want to survive for longer times, you have to grow as bigger as you can eating cells present on the arena. Escape potential attacks until you reach a sufficient growth. Try to eat smaller cells to grow. If you can, it is always better to establish an alliance.

Agario Private Server

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Agario Private Server