Game controls and tips

Do not think it is easy to prevail against players in this game. Despite it's simple design, it is a real challenge to kill other players if you are a newbie. Therefore you will need to take some serious time to learn how to play the game. Learning game controls and some tips will enable you to take part in the battle. Since it is a multiplayer shooter game, all players are on their own in the game. They need to search for enemies on the game arena and kill them once they come across.

How to play ?

You have to stay alive while you try killing other players. If keep moving, it will help you escape attacks.

To move your player across the game arena, you can use ASDW keys. The left click lets you fire your weapon and kill others. To aim at your enemies, move the mouse towards them. The space key enables you jump. The E key selects the next weapon while the Q key is for selecting the previous weapon. The R key lets you reload your weapon. In order to switch between weapons, you can use mouse wheel.

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